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I'm Kathy Faulkner and tonight on the SFX radio network will play Demos Live Trax, plus conversations, stories and banter with Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez and Sean Kenny of Allison Chain's Welcome to the world's biggest Halloween party with Kiss at Dodger Stadium. I'm Kathy Falter, along with Larry Miles in a cast of Spike weirdos on Halloween night. At that, it's just here backstage. Is it true that your band named Candlebox came from a midnight oil song, which saw tin legs and 10 months? Okay, Kevin, how did you get Brian Johnson of a CDC to sing at your 28? Cool. Hello, Aerosmith. I think that's the stuffing. Welcome back once again to the blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion right here in Phoenix, Arizona, for Ozzy Osbournes, live concert broadcast on the album Network. We got JJ Jeffries, Larry Miles and I'm Kathy Faulkner. A month ago, on March 2nd, I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a chance to sit down with Ozzy. Unfortunately, he was not feeling well at the time, so I got a dream come true twice over what goes through your mind when you ultimately have to say I don't feel well enough to perform. I have to postpone the show. My doctor said we're going to see more. I have a great respect and it sounds corn in it Sounds how me and it sounds, you know, You know, here we go again. But I have a great respect in a great love for my audience. I swear on my hand on my Hartman. If I could have made that show, I would have I would have minded I was I was either on 104 temperature. I was just I was gone. I don't mean shuts a b 12 every night just to get on that stage and my by, but was like a dartboard. Now, just God knows on which everybody wants to take it In the end of the day, that doesn't work. The only thing that works is rest. Thank you for Ah, the album. She to K and best wishes just great success with the record. Thanks. Have a good night. Thank you. Thank you, Kathy.