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A series of videos for Cox that educate the viewer about all the features of Cox's new Smart Home Technology

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I've always been conscious of my health and wellness when I was single, it was so much easier for me to keep track of my diet, exercise and mental health. Now with a family. Our schedule is busier and we use modern solutions to help us stay on course. Being healthy isn't just about nutrition and managing weight, but also focusing on our mental and emotional health, managing our sleep schedule, working out eating healthy, knowing our parents are well cared for, knowing our parents are well cared for, even brewing the best cup of coffee every morning. All of it gives us peace of mind. A healthy home is a happy home and how we get it is with a connected home when we moved last summer, I really wanted to recreate the feeling of comfort from our old home and bring it into our new space. We wanted to outfit our home with technology that can command the room, enhance our lifestyle and keep us safe. Let me show you some of the solutions we took into our new home to make security and management easier whenever you move it can take some time before the neighborhood starts to feel like home and you recognize the friendly faces in your community. Being able to use our cocks, HD cameras and Home life app to keep an eye on the property before we even moved in was so helpful. We were able to see when packages were delivered and keep an eye out for porch pirates. Actually, there are some packages waiting outside for us right now. Why don't you take a look for yourself? Just return to your devices home screen and use the home life app to access the camera. It's nice to have tools that help us keep our Children safe. Parental controls help me create a safe environment for my kids when they connect to the internet. Setting up. These safeguards is simple and can be done quickly from my panoramic wifi app. I can also turn off specific device access to the internet during family time or if they're on their devices after lights out, I forgot to turn it off earlier. Could you return to your devices home screen and use the panoramic wifi app to turn internet access off on eric's device having kids or pets around the house is a dust, dirt and food crumb multiplier to make things easier on me. I use my connected vacuum robot and set it up to run while we're sleeping. The vacuum turns on and roams around the house, cleaning up all the small messes I could not get to during the day whenever the floor needs immediate attention. It's just one voice command away. My kids have renamed our vacuum bought bluey bought and they love waking it up and putting it back to sleep. Say Alexa, wake up blue we bought to let it roam around for a few seconds and then say Alexa, put bluey boat back to sleep to make it stop