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Because of Him, written by Jessica Roe, narrated, edited, and produced by Ceci Garcia.

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Teen (13-17)


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there's nothing quite like the open road with the sunroof down the sun shining, the wind whipping through my hair and neon trees blasting out over the speakers. Life should be seriously awesome right about now. Perfect even and it is right now, but soon I'll reach my destination and the thought of what's waiting there for me is constantly at the back of my mind like a sour aftertaste that won't go away. But whatever life is life right? Because if you sit around thinking about all the bad crap then the world is sure as **** going to pass you right on by up ahead. I spot a sign for a roadside diner boasting the best pie in town. Obviously I slow down. I'm a girl who loves me some pie. I pull into the surprisingly packed parking lot. This can only mean one thing. They really must have good pie. There are no free spaces and I find myself driving around in circles for at least five minutes, feeling pretty stupid, but now even more determined to get that pie, I'm nothing if not stubborn. Finally, a space opens up ahead, but another car, a white jeep is already lining up to take it though. They're taking their sweet time. I know it's in the unwritten rules of polite drivers everywhere that you don't poach a parking space right out from another car, but they really are taking too damn long and I want pie also. I've never been all that polite, so I hit it and snatched the space up, narrowly avoiding scraping the edge of my baby against the jeep Once parked, I switch off the engine and turn in my seat like I had expected the owner of the jeep. A guy probably cute underneath the dark shades though not cute enough to make me feel bad, is still there glaring at me out of his open window with my tongue between my teeth. I grin and salute. He shakes his head at me piste but clearly deciding to be the bigger person here because without saying anything, not even a throwaway curse like most people would, he drives away good for him I guess being the bigger person is great and all but you miss out on a lot of stuff like parking spaces and pie. I hop out of nancy and pat her on her gorgeous shiny red hood. I got the old chevy way, way cheaper than I should have. But she was a total rust bucket when I bought her and the dirty old perv selling had been fixated on my legs the entire time we were doing the exchange. I don't think he even realized what a gem he had and I wasn't about to clue him in. So I, with the help of some guys, I met back when I lived in Chicago for a while fixed to nancy up and now she's as beautiful as she ever was. My muscles burn when I stretch Aside from the occasional stop to pee. I've been on the road from Chicago to Washington county new york for over 13 hours after starting out late last night. Inside the diner, I pull off my sunglasses, The air is cool in here. A welcome relief from the sweltering, august heat outside a young waitress maybe a couple years younger than me appears the moment I sit down on a stool by the counter, her brown hair is braided and her eye shadow bright blue. Hi there, she chirps. My name is keely Perkins and I'll be your waitress today. What can I get for you? Sweet thing, Keely Perkins name seems ideal because I'm pretty sure I've never met anyone perkier in my entire 17 years of life. two Slices of Cherry Pie Please. Despite my slip up outside, I really am working on being a nicer person, sort of coming right up sugar keely Perkins. The perky waitress bounces away and I watch her go with a raised eyebrow. People never give me pet names, not cutie ones like sugar. Anyway, all they see when they look my way is my dark eyeliner and my beloved chunky biker boots and the five multicolored stripes in my long dark brown hair. I look like trouble and that's exactly what they think of me. I guess it's my own fault for never going out of my way to prove them wrong. My order doesn't take long to arrive and I dig right in. The sign was right. The pie really is good here. I'm halfway through my slice when white jeep guy who must have eventually found a space strolls in and sits down on the stool next to mine. I don't need to look over at him to know he's watching me scowling.