The Little Ghost Who Didn’t Want to be Mean

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The little ghost who didn't want to be mean. A tiny black cat looked up at Leela with big yellow eyes. It was shaking all over because of the cold. My home has been destroyed by the storm. The cat me out. Can you help me for a moment? Layla hesitated. Ghosts were supposed to be scary, and a little evil. Ghosts didn't help others, but she knew that helping the cat was the right thing to do. Layla decided that she wasn't going to be evil and lock the gates. She wasn't going to leave the cat out in the cold. She was going to be good, you, poor thing! Leila cried. Come inside! Where it's nice and warm. Leila led the little cat into the castle and immediately ran her bath. The cap didn't look happy about having to take the bath, but as soon as it was sitting in the warm water, it stopped shivering. Layla asked her little Spider friends to watch over the little cat. Well, she prepared some food. What's your name? Layla asked when the cat was done with its path, sooty capped me out. Thank you for letting me into your castle! The cat looked a little shy. I never thought a ghost would help me. I heard you really scary. Leila smiled. I decided a long time ago that I didn't like to be scary