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unholy ether, rips my flesh into blood yard and feed the unholy gods of darkness, bringing me desecrating torment. Mm hmm, nerves that don't buckle sites that don't stagger dust that won't settle a dangerous galaxy. Unlike our own outlaws rule the stars. But there's one galactic gun for hire who never misses her chance to get paid. Many tried to kill me, but the Lord was always with me. So I was exiled to the island of Patmos. This is the story of Christ's first followers. The 12 as I John know it to be in a dangerous world. In a dangerous time, he must keep her alive in a world where everyone wants her dead now we are meta shark riders. Our life is a battle on the racetrack, year 25 50 planet Earth. That wonderful place where it all began now, it's just a far away memory for over a century people have faced each other, causing billions of victims and the destruction of entire cities. He steps forth stoic in the midst of chaos, skills, homed and fighting spirit hardened. He finally joins the fight in New Japan Pro wrestling Master watto Coming soon