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North American (General)


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in a rundown motel south of San Francisco. A young couple is just checked in the night. Clerk recognizes their faces from the local news the couple has wanted for murder. A wave of green sweeps up in down Africa As the rains come and go, the planet is like a living being pulsing with life that ebbs and flows with the seasons. In this episode of Lava Chasers, two brave scientists are playing with fire on Some local divers are getting a bit too cozy with the lava. Eight years before, Jesse James was the most notorious outlaw in America. He was a soldier in the Confederate Army during the final days of the Civil War. It's a war like no other. One in 10 Northern men of fighting age have lost their lives. And in the South it's one and three. No other Navy in the world has any weapon quite like it, and we've got an all access pass to the flight deck. The cockpit, even the captain's chair of the USS Ronald Reagan Tommy earned his fame in the 19 eighties has the outrageous drummer of the hard rock and metal band Motley Crue. Tommy and the boys lived a life like their music. Women motorcycle, take no prisoners, rocket