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to Russia had an imagination, an imagination, Ms Lipid told her. That would get her into trouble if she didn't take care. But as keen as it waas, it cannot carry her beyond the front porch of the house. Is she would enter poor, eager, adventurous little Jerusha. In all her 17 years, had never stepped foot inside an ordinary house. She cannot picture the daily routine of those other human beings who carried on their lives and disk a moated by orphans. Jerusha Abbott You are wanted in the office, and I think you'd better hurry up. Tommy Dylan, who had just joined the choir, came singing up the stairs and down the corridor, his chant growing louder as he approached room F. Jerusha wrenched herself from the window, and we face the troubles of life Who wants me? She cut into Tommy's chance with a note of sharp anxiety. May slip it in the ISS, and I think she's man mad, um, and tummy piously and toned. But his accent was not entirely malicious. Even the most hardened little orphan felt sympathy for an airing sister who was summoned to the office to face an annoyed the matron. And Tommy liked Jerusha, even if she did sometimes jerk his arm and nearly scrub his nose off