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the definition of enemy according to google enemy, A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something, a thing that harms or weakens something else. So from the sound of this definition, an enemy can be anyone or anything that opposes or hinders you. It could be someone who just doesn't like you. It could be someone that is jealous of you and your accomplishments. It could be unseen forces from the spiritual realm that has targeted you because of your kingdom. Influence on the earth. It could be someone that has declared you as their enemy and they've sworn to make your life a living **** to appease their personal vendetta against you. It could be one some or all of these things but it's actually more difficult and tedious than you think the enemy that I'm focusing on in this book is none of the above. I bet you're saying what enemy could possibly be worse than these listed. Well, I'm glad you asked do me a favor and step into your bathroom and walk over to your sink. There should be a big glass on your wall. Yes, you got it. Who's looking back at you? There's no one else there but you toto eye to eye, That man, woman that is staring back at you can either make you or break you. In this book. We will take a journey in acknowledging the enemy, exposing the enemy and eliminating the enemy