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I'm so excited that we're gonna see the animals so I can't wait to see the lions and the penguins and the kangaroos. And what are you excited to see it? The Obama Me. I'm excited to see there's a bench here in the park. Fe, I'm tired. Let's sit down for a minute, kid. Okay? Okay. But not too long. There's some weird people here in the park. Excuse me. Night. You might want to visit Dan half a minute degs back. And if you know what a main being Walking around for air as much obliged. Infect. Morning. If you looks about the same age as your grandson. Hi there. Really does. Supposed to be outside without 50 sun block it all. I really don't suppose Do you believe my bubble? Yo, yo, Hot dogs! Get your dog! CIA foot longs Pull a sausage. Get job! Dorm, Sylvia! Oh, my God. You gotta try my bratwurst. Honest to God, it will make you feel like you're back on Wacker drive like Oh my God. Have you guys like, seen a little kid around here? I was like, baby sitting my cousin and doing my nails like the same time and I looked up after I finished buffing and she's gone. A Pardon me, Mom, is this little child you seem to have misplaced, huh? I'm Tainer. Have you seen my momma? She's down about your baby. Got a big beehive hairdo. And her scent is a mixture of moonshine and right diamonds from this Elizabeth Taylor like No. Excuse me, lads and Lasses. Have any of you seen the bratwurst salesman hooligans? He sold me this and told me it was haggis. It's not haggis. And in my book, it was not Hugus. It's crab. Come on, Grandma. Let's go. Ou Right already. Maybe they'll have that big. There it is. Do What's his name? The talking one paid the pig so