Chris Harris-Beechey full voice reel

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This is my overall reel, showcasing my voice across four sections showing my general speaking voice, my range for standard advertising style voices, a demonstration of accents and an overview about what makes working with me unique.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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Chris Harris Bee Gee, voice real in the simplest of terms, this is what I sound like when talking my everyday voices a snippet of what you would get when working with me. Of course, I can also speak in received pronunciation, which is a slight difference from my general tone as I speak with a tad more clarity. That said something which could make it hard to display. Clarity is emotion. Resenting emotion vocally can be difficult whether you need to be sad with a tear in your eye, angry with a fire, burning inside you or frightened. Eager to bring things to a close quickly, I hear you asking, What do I get when working with Chris? Well, friend, I'll tell you, you get adaptability interest and a motive Connexion on a level you just can't find from your average talent. What are you waiting for by now? Great prices for a limited time only contact our offices today for an exclusive chance of unique town who will work with you in partnership for the result. You deserve this just in. Chris Harris Beachy, the hottest young talent on the voiceover circuit, is now available for all manner of work over to you, Chris. Thank you, Chris. I can confirm he is currently available for all your voice over needs, no matter what they may be. Working with accents is always great fun, and I'm always happy to throw myself into a new one by using phonetics and specific script bronze, for example. I could be a bit of a Giza from London, or I can talk like him straight from glad school. Perhaps you'd prefer a BBC Scotland accent fresh from Edinburgh. I could catch train down south and fill a little bit. Scouts. It's a little further way, but how about Australia? Maybe catch a plane to ST Petersburg for a bit of Russian culture? Say, how about a brief trip down to South Carolina? A 88 months? It's done. What's call it a day? I want to go home all right. I like to think that by now I've caught your attention and hopefully in a good way. What I pride myself on is my unique sense of energy ability to throw myself behind a script on my specialty. Interest in a character's a motive, journey and reasoning for anything I perform. I find myself asking a whole lot of y. Why would I say something like this? Why would I phrase my question this way? Why is this how I feel? And why does this affect what I'm saying? The way it does? If this sounds good to you, drop me a line. Tell me about your project on. Let's see how we can work together to bring it to life.