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This reel features TV, Internet, and Radio style ads ranging from donation appeals to ultimate fighting. I ran out of space for tags!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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I'm a busy guy, but with delivery dot com, I get food, booze, groceries and even get my laundry delivered, freeing of time to do me like watching my favorite reruns or playing Tetris on my phone delivery dot com. My neighborhood delivered time is running out for this child. Andres Cancer won't wait for a cure. His cancer has already taken the sight in his left eye. That's why we're asking for your urgent help. ST Shoes. There isn't a second to lose the names. Jack Holiday. I make a good cop, but I make an even better sandwich. One night I'm tracking down Frankie Malone on my mind. Keeps wandering the Polish Sham and Miracle Whip. First things first, they reach for the job empty. I start to use Mayo, but my gut says Bland City. So I borrow some for Manny next door. Smart move. Nothing outperforms the Gillette Mach three Power Nitro Push the button and feel the boost in performance. Gillette's battery powered motor sends micro pulses to the patented power glide blades. Try Gillette Mach three, Power Nitro, the world's best shape or your money back. Because a Cadillac we don't just take all corners we take on the world