Do You Need Life Insurance?

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Ad to engage listener to seriously think about Life Insurance and how we can help.

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Join. Life happens. The only non-profit organization in the life insurance industry focused on educating consumers. Let's face it. Life insurance can be confusing. Do I really need it? How much should I get? Am I gonna be able to afford it? And how do I get coverage? That's why we're here to answer those questions and more for consumers. So they get unbiased information that can help them start their journey towards financial protection. We don't sell anything and we don't endorse any particular insurance products or companies. We educate consumers in two ways by sharing our content with the public and by partnering with insurance companies like yours who support our mission. We like to think of life happens as an extension of your company's marketing and communications team so that you can focus on specific initiatives while we prepare the market with general awareness. So how do we do it? Each? We coordinate three major annual awareness campaigns, create educational marketing and social media content, conduct industry research and lead programs that show the true power of insurance through emotional storytelling and they're making an impact. Life insurance is for everyone. Join our mission and together we can help more people get the coverage they need. Visit life happens dot org back slash partners to learn more.