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Capturing an informative English-speaking professional tone, this podcast snippet informs the audience how t critically review one's thinking process and actions.

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Hi. Welcome to Guided With Claudia Deems This podcast is about learning to understand yourself and the process you go through when you make decisions. By knowing this, you will gain empowerment in your life. We're going to explore feelings, actions and outcomes. When I say in power, I mean how you use the experience of the situation. This includes the feelings they experience and the action you take because of the feelings you experience. Let's begin to truly understand our feelings. We're going to begin by breaking down, step by step, the stages of a incident, how the incident made you feel and how you reacted to the incident. First of all, it could be an experience, for instance, another person speaking negative to you. Instead of sporadically reacting, you can pause and analyse the situation. You can follow this by breaking down the incident. Sort of like a movie scene into different acts. You can make a penetrative and sort of action to gain the outcome you want. Think of it like having passed that up in front of you. You can stay or take an action that will lead you down a path with outcome might be good or in between, or possibly just bad. So let's take a journey. So your face of conflict of a person where they're speaking negative. The first point is you need to hear what they're saying. So take time out to listen to the information. I'm not saying absorbed the negative energy. Just listen to the words there speaking. Ask yourself, What are they actually saying? What do these words mean? Do you believe that what they're saying is true? And then you ask yourself if you believe it's true? Do I have self confidence issues? Maybe I should look at myself. If this person speaking negative to me and I believe it, then therefore I view myself as negative. The second option is where you don't actually believe that what this person is actually saying is true. So why are you going to answer to something that's not true? It is not always of your time and energy. This will cripple you, and when I say cripple, I mean time, it will cripple your time. Time is the only thing that you cannot physically by. You can't go to the local corner shop in arcs. Can I get a pack of 10 minutes, please. So given this person in your time to even react is crippling to you because they are now taking the one most fundamental. Most special things, secondly, is criminally, because now they have now taken you away from the task he was focused on completing. Now your own personal goal for that moment in time is now on hold for someone who's trying to influence you in a negative way. Let's go out on this negative energy. Now you're focused on negative. You can be feeling bad or sad or depressed or question it basically anything that lowers your vibration and spirit. So the question is, Are you going to react? Are you going to react to this negative vibration they're sending to you now? A reaction could be you yelling back, or you firing shots at them and also speaking negative about their self as a person. Now, to change this attitude, we can focus on the triads. Triads theory basically explains that when people go through experiences in life, the first thing they feel is emotion. So just like in the scenario, someone's been negative and you saw the emotion you could feel sad or any form of negative outcome in regards to your emotions. Now what are you going to do with that emotion? As I said, you can react in a way where you can retaliate. Or you can focus on something positive, so every negative word they have spoken. You can then change those words and refocus your mind on positives about yourself. This stems from the trade theory. So by focusing your mind on something positive, you will not only behave in a positive way, your body language will change. And also there was. The U. S will be positive. This will then allow you to then carry on with your day. By ignoring this personal reacted in a positive way. You still managed to hold on to your positive energy and refracted the negative this person's inflicted on you and carried on with your daily task. You have not allowed them to disrupt your day or disrupt the task you're trying to complete. So I'm a true believer in life. I've experienced a lot of negative from people on a day to day basis, even with jobs or in friendships or with family members, and I've just learned to focus on positives. Of course, people are always going to have something to say. People are always going to have something negative to say about anything you're trying to do or anything that you've done but me myself. I just focus on the positive, and with that I've managed to experience positive outcomes. I wanted to create a business in with food. I had a lot of critics saying Oh, you know, you can't actually do this or maybe you should try something else But I refused to do that because it was my goal. It was my dream. So I sort of turned the negatives into a positive by focusing on what I need to do to get you my goal, how I'm going to get there and I literally wrote down steps. I wrote down these steps and I followed through. I think it's an important factor to be able to refract negative in your life. You're always going to be faced with negatives from the outside or negative feedback. But from when you believe in yourself and you remain positive and think of positive thoughts, you can actually learn to ignore and overcome people's negative effects When I say focus on positive, I just want to touch on the point. Positives could be some things you're good at. So someone may say, Oh, you know, I don't think that you should go into doing a food business because the food business to own a shop is very expensive, and it's going to take up a lot of your time in what they're saying. It may be true that the food industry is very challenging, but you yourself knows that anything in life comes with a challenge. So I myself I focused on in this experience, it may be challenging, however, it's something that I enjoy and when you enjoy doing something, therefore is not really seen as work is seen as, Let's say, living my dream so right there by me experiencing that negative, I did feel disheartened, but I focused on what I would like to feel, which would mean me continuing to work in an industry where I felt like I wasn't at work, something where I could be creative. So I refracted that and turn it into a positive. I think especially growing up if I was taught this from a younger age I think I would have achieved many of my ambitions and goals. I probably would have reached favourite Knife. But again, I'm taking this from experience and because I've learned at age where I felt like it was the right time for me to learn. I'm now delving deep into it. I'm learning about myself. Understanding yourself and understanding your reactions in certain situations, I think, generally is key when you're trying to achieve anything in life. I mean, when you're going through a job, you might go for an interview. They might ask you some questions that maybe on a personal level, me. I've been faced with going to an interview, for instance, and I've mentioned that I've had a child, so they asked me, Oh, how are you going to make your time productive when you have a child? Now I felt that it was kind of stereotypical in a way. You know, single mom, how are you going to cope with motherhood and working in this industry? How are you going to manage your time effectively? I think it was a very personal question because there was no doubt in my skill or my experience and expertise it was more. You're a mom. How are you going to do this? And at the time I felt disheartened. I did feel in a way disappointed because from that point I felt like maybe the interview would fail and I wouldn't get the position. But instead of doing that, I sure look to myself at situations where I have managed a job with having a child. And I have managed to, um, you know, gain achievements. For instance, studying at university. I was able to do that while juggling being a parent. So I mentioned the fact that I was at university and I juggle being a parent for three years, and also from that outcome, I became a part of the student union where I actually assisted other students and took on the responsibilities of making of the students. Okay, is such a powerful thing to know yourself and be able to empower and uplift yourself because sometimes you're going to be faced with negative and low vibrations, but you have to keep your vibrations positive. Another thing that also helps is affirmations on a daily basis. I listened to affirmations. I write my own affirmations. I also listened to others affirmations and I meditate. I meditate and focus on the positives that I would like in my life to happen. My current positive and I show gratitude for what I have. And I think once you have the gratitude within you and you are comfortable with yourself and truly grateful for being alive and loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are, you feel empowered. And that's the first step where you know no one can draw you out. No one could put you down. No one can make you react in a negative way in a situation, and you're able to walk away because you know that you're worth better than that. You know that you are not on that negative level. You are on a higher positive vibration to end that night. I would just like to say when you gain empowerment and understanding your feelings and knowing how to react, it is very empowering, and you can work in any situation amongst anyone. I will be doing a second podcast going deeper into this subject, where I'll be interviewing Don T. Lindsay. He's been an actor for over six years. He studied at the Identity Drama school for 2.5 years before he was performing in Shakespeare and Modern Theatre. He also landed a feature film called Cards on the Table. Was it teached on Amazon? And he's going to be talking about his acting career, how he was faced with negative reactions, where he was faced with people not getting behind him or believing his dream. But he had the empowerment to carry on and focused himself on his goal and ignore the negative vibrations and focus on the positives on how he would feel once he's reached his goal. So tune in for part two. Take care. Remain empowerment. Be strong. You are loved. Thank you for listening to you, Claudia Dimes. You could also find you on YouTube. Channel Guide lives with Claudia Dimes, where I post up to date affirmations twice a week and follow me on my instagram at Claudia underscored Dimes X, where I also post motivational quotes. I do reviews on travel books and a wide cross range of different subjects. Thank you