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It's not that you don't enjoy the occasional breather, the mindless moment of relaxation you allow yourself between the speech to your troops, the power lunch and the big presentation. It's not. You mind looking dreamily out your window, cutting a golf bowler to across the carpet, er, dusting off photos of your kids. It's not even that you wouldn't sometimes kill for the chance to slip out the door and take a nice long walk around the park or the lake or the restaurant district. Whatever turns your mind off from the cares of the office, it's just that you'd like to do it because you want to, not because a hitch in your I T system is forcing you to. And yet more and more companies they're discovering that their fortunes hinge on a system they can always rely on. And if you can't rely on it, maybe you should just get rid of it. That's right. Get rid of your I T system. It's easier than you think, and cheaper. Just keep tuning into this station and you'll learn how you too, can break free from I T.