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1. The James Bond Golden hits shows announcement
2. Artist promo clip - Radio advert for Independent Super stars radio
3. SASSETA - radio advert
4. Press Dynamic - phone systems

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Golden Gun has been handed down through several generations of a handsome actives. Sean Connery, David George, Russian Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, each one surviving Tough emission Special agent Double Oh, hello to all independent superstars and my super fans. Thank you for listening to Independents Superstars radio. My name is Carl Levin Day, and I have chosen a special selection ofthe songs just for you to download right now at www dot independent superstars dot com and then for more about me and my music. And to find out how you can follow my news, please go to www dot c o l e v a in D A i s dot com that's www dot Kalev and a dot com and join my fan club. Thank you for supporting independence superstars. The Safety and Security, Education and Training Authority is say, a Sita has a mission to ensure quality provisions, off skills development and qualifications for South African citizens. Say Sita cordially invites all its stakeholders and the public to its fourth annual general meeting and report at Gallagher Convention Centre Mid rent on the 31st of October 2008. 11 30 for 12 For bookings, call 086 double 1024 Double seven Bookings will only be done for ESA is Sita Borden Chamber members 086 double 1024 Double seven. Good day and welcome to press dynamic solar ray and meet Cabinet systems. Please stay on the line as we will attend to your calls shortly. Priest Dynamic is situated in Member Business Park on 42 Milky Way Avenue. Please note that our office hours are from 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday to Thursday and 7 a.m. To 2 30 PM on Fridays. Founded in 1995 Priest Dynamic manufactures a vast selection of sheet metal products for a wide cross section of clients, ranging from workshop equipment to electrical and industrial enclosures as well as display and merchandising stands. Dynamic provides its clients with a dedicated design and manufacturing solution. Taylor to carry our projects off any signs. Solar Ray, the sister company to Priest Dynamic, is a local manufacturer off high and low pressure solar water heaters. Our solar water heaters are designed and manufactured in South Africa and produced from stainless steel to the highest quality standards. All of our solar water heaters are baby is approved. For your peace of mind, please speak to our qualified sales personnel. For more information on our extensive range ofthe products and services or alternatively, visit our website www dot praise dynamic Nazi. Please continue holding. We will attend to your polls show welcome and thank you for calling CQ tickets. Your call may be recorded for quality purposes. Please note that this call will be charged at standard local, international or roaming rates to continue in English press one January, February, March April May June July, August, September, October, November December