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Connor James Commercial demo. Maybe you can learn something from our 300 years of tradition if you like no hard feelings if you don't. Oh, pardon my manners. Wait Twinings Pleasure to meet you. Now you can enjoy the energy and excitement of one of the world's biggest gemstone events, all without leaving your home. The 2020 Tucson Gem Show live on T. J. C. On Friday, the sixth of March 2020 we head to the hottest nightclub in the East, the ultra exclusive Silhouettes Lounge. Foul Park Shopping Plaza, Val Sane four models and bottles. But run often enough and you'll find the next time you hit the wall, the wall moves back a few more yards on that runner's high everyone talks about. Yeah, it's a thing. Converge brings together security professionals from around the world for an engaging one day experience combining innovative presentations with real world case studies and technical boot camp sessions. You won't want to miss it. Thank you so much for listening. Please visit my website. Connor James voiceovers dot com. That's common with one end thanks again