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we're multiplying a decimal by a natural number. We can ignore the decimal point and find the product of seven and nine, which we already did, so we don't need to do it again. There's only one digit after the decimal point in 7/10 so we should also have one digit after the decimal point in the product. Okay, so now we need to multiply four and 3/8 by one and 3/5. 1st, I need to write thes mixed numbers as improper fractions. I just did that for four and 3/8. What was it again? I'll check my notes. Oh, it's 35 8th and one and 3/5 is mm, 8/5. Welcome to the new team churches. Digital work, please. Tractors, chickens, company wide Internet. Global employees can collaborate quickly, share documents and communicate with each other regardless of the distance or device. Stay connected on the go with your desktop tablet or smartphone. Here's a quick look at what you confined on teen churches. User profiles allow us to learn more about our colleagues and franchisees, like what they dio and how to best reach them. Employees can request to create work groups and team churches. Groups allow users to manage projects, tasks, calendars, milestones and more from any location