Sample Narration 'Death's Grip' Audiobook



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a girl of 17 stood near the grave site, faces of sympathy on either side. She listened to the minister speak without really hearing his words, something about an eternal house in heaven. Strange passage to choose, considering the man about whom he spoke didn't believe in a heaven or ****. As the first patterns of rain struck the tent, a chill ran through her. She wrapped herself further in her coat. Grayness hovered over the distant Lake Michigan, just as it must have appeared the day her father slipped into its waters. Swallowed by the deep, never to return. Lowering device held the casket over a slash of darkness in the earth, ready to swallow the hollow box. Part of her wanted to run up to that box, throw its lid open, verify its emptiness. She imagined her father, as they would have presented him in death, had the search team recovered. The body. Inanimate matter wrapped in the finest of suits. The flesh cold, dry and rubbery perfume masking the embalming chemicals, his eyes shut as if he were only asleep, Perhaps just dreaming. Imparting a false sense of some future reunion funerals, she realized we're all about deception