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from Ferguson Baltimore Confrontation between police and the people they serve has ignited a national conversation. I spoke with Josh Walker, the director of career development at Centenary College, who says he believes that this nation has failed to progress. Culturally, I think that we have a nation that doesn't realize that we're not through the civil rights movement. Yet there's a lot of a lack of understanding. There's a lot of distrust that stems from I'd say decades, but more like centuries of, you know, oppressed individuals in this country. Kristen Santiago, an employee and student at Centenary College, says she feels that social class plays a large role within this controversy. Unfortunately, I do believe it's a race issue and a class issue. People who do have lower wages and come from more the poorer background. I believe they are their victims. So what do you think is the national debate on police interactions with the public and overblown issue? Or is there valid criticism of police behavior? Let us know on our Facebook page at facebook dot com. Backslash W R and J Radio. This is Curtis Mac Orange, a news