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vision is one of those things we take for granted until we no longer have it. It gives life's moments meaning and is the focal point of almost any human experience. When we're young or old, we yearn to see the world. We want to see our Children grow up to witness the moments that matter, from soccer games and birthday parties to graduations and weddings. We say it was good to see you or see you soon because every human encounter focuses first and foremost on the gift of sight. When optician John Bosch and investor Henry Lomb founded Bausch and Lomb over 165 years ago in Rochester, New York, they understood the importance of this sense and created a company focused exclusively on ensuring that people could retain and improve this gift of sight. Bausch and Lomb is contributions to the world or many from eyeglass lenses to contact lenses and the most popular lens solutions on the market. Surgical equipment for cataracts used in hospitals and clinics around the world, pharmaceutical products designed to heal and protect the I and even major contributions to the optics behind cinema washing. Lahm has built a reputation for excellence and has recognized as being a leader and innovator in vision care. But behind Bausch and Lomb Innovations Products and Services is a company that puts human experience at the center of its mission, a company whose team members air keenly aware that they're not just selling lenses, equipment or solutions. They're providing something fundamental to our quality of life. And that's why, for those who believe everyone deserves to live better, Bausch and Lomb is there with you for moments that really matter.