Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden Review

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In this sample, I review a product by insect lore.

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It was said in Victorian times that butterflies were believed to be signs of good fortune and blessing. Having a butterfly cross your path in an unexpected way or in an unusual place can be a sign of love. And abundance is flowing your way. Well, we cheated. We got this kid on them is on and you can, too. This is a comprehensive view of insect floors. Live butterfly garden. The first thing you'll notice is that the package is really well designed. All the materials are laid out right there in front of you starting at the top. You have the welcome to the miracle metamorphosis, and it really does guide you through every step of the process, letting you know what to expect on what's gonna happen as your caterpillars develop their way to butterflies. Next we have the crystal is safe. When the crystals forms, you're gonna wanna places here. Once the butterfly emerges from the crystal ist, you're gonna have to feed them. This false flower is the perfect spot. Place your nectar solutions to the bottom of the box. We have the caterpillar quick guy, which is a quick overview of every step in the process, and now it's time to open up habitat. This is where you place the crystal is so they could emerge into butterflies. The green pet included in the habitat is what you'll use to cyp in that connector and place it in the balls flower. Now it's time to pop open that habitat. Now let's visit our low caterpillar friends and you can see they're very active. As you can see, the already have their silk webbing and nature. They use that to defend themselves from danger. This is a good time to talk about carrying far friends. Since you're gonna be here for 7 to 10 days, I want to make sure you put in a place where it's not in direct sunlight, where they will be protected and not move too much. You want to observe them but not moved the container. A butterfly. What they have to do first there. Even our cat Leo can't get enough of these guys. Our friends air caterpillars no more. They have now become Chris Allied's and are ready to go into the crystal estacion just under the crystallize you'll see in the silk. The black Xsl sins have been shed to prepare the crystallized for the Krystle station. You want to make sure that you remove all the silk very carefully. That's so weird that's normal in the process of propping you. Chris slides to go in the crystal a station they may wiggle and shake that is absolutely normal. It's a defense mechanism. They have to scare predators away in a wild not all print is a scared just after cat Leo. He's curious, very curious way. Place the crystal estacion into the habitat and seal it up. After 7 to 10 days are crystallize. Turn into butterflies. Now it's time to prep our nectar solution and put it into the false flower. The final step of metamorphosis is complete, and now we have our fully grown butterflies sipping on their first nectar. We have New Butterfly Way got four that turned from caterpillars to butterflies and one that we're not sure about. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be about a flight, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. It's been a really cool project to do with the caterpillar. Kind of creeped him out of it, but there, like in a better place, so really pretty lady a few days will be able to come out. Set him free. All right. Releasing the butterflies. Okay. Scared you dio. Okay. You want to help him up? You know you know more. You want youngest one? The younger one overall Very pleased with product, and I highly recommend it. Don't forget to check the description below for the kids. And also please, like, subscribe and Bob was to be having done so.