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Getting some foo fighters. Friday. Yeah. Rock 94 a half Spokane. Best Rock. That's not a thing, but that would be pretty cool. Uh, yeah. Did you see the, uh, Dave girl penned letter, the open letter that he wrote earlier this week, I believe, uh, Scottie Buns of Steel got that right up on the Rock 94 a half Facebook page. If you haven't gotten to read it yet. Uh, I would urge you to read it. It is really well done. Is there anything Dave can't do? Probably not something else up on, uh, your rock 94 a half Facebook page or soon to be? I was talking about, uh, Quentin Dunbar, uh, this morning getting, uh, that arrest warrant issued for armed robbery. Seahawks just traded for him back in March. I found, uh, a great video, uh, of one of his pick six celebrations that, uh, he had here in the past few years. Yeah, if you're up there, check that one out. Super ironic.