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Radio aircheck during Covid

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Two from Iron Maiden Rock. 94 a half. Spokane's Best Rock. Yes. A throwback Thursday only throwing it back a few years with coming home. Happy damn double shot Thursday, Mosh Pit all stars. It's Roadhouse Live and locally you're from the Lower South Hill. Oh, now, three months ago, coming home, I'd be excited. Uh, and now it's like, no, oh, I can't tell you how badly I, uh, wanna go to a show or even just go to a movie. That's it. Just let me sit in a movie theater with the 50 other people, please. Yeah, we're going on two months now of staying at home, staying healthy and hopefully staying happy, which some days it seems a little more tough than others. But, hey, we're hanging in there. Uh, that's our daily question today. Does it feel longer than two months? Yeah. Grab yourself a two million VIP points, uh, for that double shot Thursday daily. If you were wondering the answer is yes, it's felt longer.