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Congratulations. Your project is complete a few weeks ago, there was nothing but flat land and a vision. Now, think of your business project as a construction job. Don't worry, we've made things simple. Although there are many components required to make your business projects happen. Microsoft Bpio 2010 has a solution. Ok. So your phone can go online and search for stuff. That's a good start. But what if your devices found stuff based on who you are, where you are and what you like, say you're flying to Europe and you fall in love with a new novel on your E reader at the hotel. You log into the author's site and opt in to receive updates. The next day, your phone sends you exclusive tickets to his book signing. Mobile services shouldn't act like telemarketers. They should act like friends. What if content followed people instead of just devices or networks used to be? You rented a movie on your TV. You fell asleep before the end and at work the next day, Fred spoiled the ending. But what if you could catch the ending on your smart book while riding into work on the train, then you could spoil the ending for Fred.