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By the time you realize you're caught, it's too late to hide for suspense at its most intense read Hide by nationally bestselling author Lisa Gardner. Hide in hardcover from Bantam. It was New Year's Eve at Chuck's Chicken and Biscuits on U. S Highway, for Louise Jensen was distracted by an unusual noise. Was that a baby's muffled cry from the empty booth behind a note next to the blue eyed newborn red? So began the unusual saga. Christmas Jars. Heartwarming novel by Jason Right The Wind comes sweeping, the latest novel from award winning author Marsha Preston, the story of two strong women and a secret from their past that could destroy everything they know The wind comes sweeping. Visit mira books dot com Being part vampire werewolf Riley dancing was a creature of the night. By the light of day, she believes it's supernatural beings protecting humans. But who will protect Riley? Her twin brother disappears. A naked vampire arrived moon rising like Harry Arthur in World War Two, he let the band of brothers to victory. Now for the first time, Major **** Winters tells his story in his words. Beyond band of Brothers, the new York Times bestseller from Berkeley. Books The Word of Promise Audio Bible with readings by over 600 actors, including Richard drivers as Moses, Michael York has the narrator and Louis Gossett Jr as John experience the Bible as you never have before. And here the Bible come alive. The word of promise. Audio Bible In dramatic audio theater, Nance best friend just made an enemy, and one woman will stop at nothing to save the animal she loves, even if it means paying for that loyalty with her life. Read The darkest Evening of the year, the astonishing new novel by number one best selling author Dean calls most remarkable journey of adventure and self discovery. You will ever embark on begins when you read Creo tautology that teachings so Kedra Conus The initiate by Dr Brady Cameron Dubai After a botched interrogation, C. I. A agent Brad Hackman has become a liability. Retreating to a foreign land to escape the pressure at home, he finds himself unable to let go of the past. Things get complicated when he falls for a beautiful Persian woman. Back in New York, the lovers confront head on the futility of geopolitics and fight to prove that love is more powerful than affairs of the state. Embroiled in an escalating series of events involving Al Qaeda, sleeper cells and domestic terrorism, Autor Haroon spins a tale of international tension and forbidden love. Loyalties are tested as the U. S tries to defend itself with moral imperatives while Islamic extremists pervert the Koran. The Terrorist by a rule. Available at amazon dot com.