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the rain forest doesn't care. With the Dow closed, glaciers are indifferent to Sunday score. There are no conservatives or liberals among the wild pandas. No socialist or imperial ists amongst the pines and Sunni and Shia to a coral reef are meaningless things. Nature is not interested in the concerns of humanity, nature and earth care for only one thing. Life. Battle of Stalingrad, known as one of the most pivotal actions of World War two, was also the deadliest battle in the history of warfare. More than one million lives were lost in seven months of unrelenting fighting on the eventual German defeat destroyed Hitler's dream of commanding a global empire. The spectrum through which life is perceived length that connects the depth of all human experiences. The shape of recognition, which forms the building blocks of all civilisations, societies and cultures upon which the knowledge of identity is built. And the idea of one self emerges celebrate the 4/100 anniversary of New York with New York 400 visual history of America's greatest city with unprecedented access to the Museum of the City of New York's vast archives, New York 400 is a visual history of the city like no other this'll. Volume features not only the great landmarks but also every day. New York life past four centuries unfold through hundreds of rarely seen images and a fascinating profile of the city that has become the capital of the world life. It's that thing that swirls around us while we're just too busy living way often get so caught up in our own world way. Some have forget were part of uneven, bigger one, but every now and then way take time to recognize it. We realize way we're all in this together in that interconnected and timeless tale called Life Life Is Wireless, go connect.