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This audio sample was written, narrated and produced for an audio tours company by Daniel. Though the clip is in English one of the requirements was that the Spanish words were pronounced as close to Spanish as possible.

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Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan revolutionary. Born in Caracas on July 24, 1783, his mission to liberate all Latin American countries from Spanish rain and create a unified and independent Latin America gained him great fame and the title of El Libertador or the Liberator. The small island of Vieques is the only Puerto Rican territory that holds the privilege to have been visited by Simon bolivar. It is because of this privilege that the sculpted bust of Simon Bolivar was gifted to vieques by Venezuela and has been displayed proudly in vehicles main plaza since 1970. The story of bolivar's time in Vieques begins in the early 18 hundreds. At that time, the spanish government had already started the long and laborious process of colonizing VX. Even then, the small islands remained ignored for years, mostly visited by pirates and privateers. one august night of 18 16 bolivars flotilla arrived on weekends waters. Upon arrival to the spanish controlled waters, the fleet spotted a spanish brigantine and an attempt to avoid it. The main schooner ran aground on Vegas rocky coast. The spanish brigantine captain boarded the ship to inspect their documentation and, to his surprise, walked right into the hands of the most sought Revolutionary of the time. Although taken aback by the unexpected turn of events, bolivar and his crew seized control of the spanish enemy ship all while being in mobile on the rough rocky shore's, the spanish captain feared the worst. Once he realized that it was none other than bolivar who had subdued him, but the Liberator didn't demand much of him. His requests were simple, help him refloat his ship and take three elderly women to ST thomas and in return, I promised to never sell vegans waters again. While bolivar and his crew freed the ship from the rocky shore's, the second ship had already disembarked elsewhere in vehicles in search of supplies, both groups began exploring the unknown island separately through the dense brush in the darkest night, they were nervously exploring this enemy territory. When they stumbled upon each other believing they had encountered an enemy brigade, the two allies fired and one another. After a violent exchange, they finally noticed that they were not enemies, but the allies they had each been waiting for. And together they were able to continue the search and find the provisions they had hoped for. The rations they were able to raid were in fact property of a commandant by the name of juan rosado, whom, by his own account, tells the story as such. And I quote, The assailants arrived at around eight at night and by then they had already killed eight balls and all the chickens. They stole two barrels of salt, 1.5 barrel of wheat, a trunk with clothes in 186 metallic pesos. They had also taken a slave access and other tools, a carbine and a couple of pistols. End quote after the invasion, the comandante sent a letter to his superiors requesting more men, specifically those that were used to the island and knew the lay of the land. Furthermore, he asked for rifles to hand out to any civilian that was willing to defend the king's honor and interests. After five days on the island, bolivar continued his voyage towards Venezuela, where he would continue his battles for independence and keeping his promise to the captain who had helped him refloat. He never navigated beacons waters again. Shortly after Simon Believers visit to Vieques, then governor of Puerto Rico Salvador, Melendez Bruno mandated the construction of a fort in the area of Puerto Real Vieques, which was finished in 1824.