Voice Over • Radio Ad


Wrote and performed example commercial spots for Luvs, IHOP, Bounty, Spotify and Capital One.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


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you've got enough on your plate. Trust, loves to take care of one thing at least ensuring that your little one isn't waking you up in the night with a soggy bottom. Loves life. Uninterrupted. How you feeling? Could you use a pancake? Maybe one with a smiley face, burgers, burritos, omelets, whatever you're feeling, I hope can help satisfy that rumbly in the tummy. Come hungry, leave happy. Oh no, you've just spilled wine on your new table. My new table. Good thing. You've got a bounty on your side, right? The paper towel. The quilted quicker picker upper. Your new table. Thanks you from jazz to hip hop, class school to rock and Roll. Spotify has you covered with over 70 million songs available? Spotify music for everyone when using your capital one. Savor card for dining or entertainment. You earn 4% cash back, learn more at capital 1.com. What's in your wallet?