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have you ever wanted to be a part of something truly great, a part of something that pulls people together with a shared goal of making a lasting impact? I'm talking about Polito Nia, one of the largest philanthropic cycling events in the country. Since the first ride in 2009 Paella Tanya has raised more than $157 million to accelerate funding for innovative research at one of the top cancer centers in the country. Best of all, 100% of all funds raised by participants supports the future of cancer discovery, donation support, breakthrough ideas and high risk, high reward research. Very, very philanthropies are built around a model like this, and it's what the paella Tanya community is most proud of. But paella Tanya is about much more than the numbers. It's about a simple idea that became a community and identity. You see signs of it everywhere, from car magnets and T shirts to yard signs and tattoos. This is more than a weekend of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. It's a source of inspiration, a celebration of survivorship and an invitation to be a part of something unforgettable. There's a place for everyone in Palo Tanya, if you like to ride their routes, ranging from a breezy 25 miles that lasts just a few hours to a challenging 200 mile ride over two days in all Saletan AEA offers 10 routes and fundraising options for riders of every experience and fitness level. Don't stress if you're new to writings, will keep you fed and hydrated every mile of the way. If you love the idea of Pala Tanya but prefer not to get on a bike, that's cool, too. Way offer a virtual riding options. So you conjoined from anywhere in the world. No training your life shores Just impact Virgil Riders commit to raise just $100 but the sky's the limit, and they get there by sharing the story and passion with anyone who will listen. And if you prefer to simply donate your time, LaTanya need the crew of more than 3000 volunteers to help serve snacks, change tires and provide a rock star experience for each and every participant. No matter which role you choose to take on, Beach is critical to create on a forgettable weekend way invite you to join in Niekro rewarding mo mentum paella Tanya has unleashed. It's time to be a part of something great together,