ESPN 1000 15th Anniversary Promo ('05 White Sox)

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Voice for ESPN 1000 15th anniversary promo.

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ESPN 1000 celebrates 15 years at Chicago's flagship sports station, the story of the White Sox 2005 World Series. Right after this, ESPN 1015 year anniversary is brought to you in part by Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. The perfect summertime refresher for Chicago. Sunny Summer Days. It was arguably the greatest stretch and ESPN one thousands History. 2005 Postseason run for the Chicago White Sox was magical, from sweeping the defending champion Red Sox to the controversial drop third strike against the Angels to Scott, but said Knicks walk off home run. This'll was the year when we didn't stop believing. How about John Rooney's final call? Is the White Sox announcer a ground ball past Jenks up the middle of the infield? Your eBay has it. He throws out out a White Sox winner in a world championship. The White Sox up won the World Series on their mobbing each other on the field. We're celebrating 15 years at Chicago's flagship sports station. We far. ESPN 1000