(Cops Talking at Lunch) One Fine Day

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Excerpt from audiobook short story \"One Fine Day\"

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You see that **** on the news? Can't ask. Finally bringing it up. All three nodded. Can't shook his head. Mark my words. That is bad Mojo for us too. This is gonna be like Ferguson all over again. You don't know that Lily said sure, I do. You watch, we're going to be answering for what that dumb **** did Mark had been raising his protein shake to his lips? He suddenly stopped dumb ****. Are you talking about the cop? Who else? How about the suspect can cocked his head? You mean the guy pinned on the ground who couldn't breathe first off? If you can say that you can't breathe, you're breathing. Mark took a swallow of his shake and we didn't know Jack's **** about what was happening on that scene. So condemning a brother. Well, we kind of do though, Lily put in, Mark turned his face towards her. What you two? I'm just saying we all saw the video. Oh Well, good for you. You saw part of an event from one angle for a limited period of time with incomplete details. By all means, let's be like the general public and judge away