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Every episode of my podcast, The Reincarnated Radio Podcast, had a unique intro introducing the listener to the story and the cast that would be performing the script. This is one such intro.

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Hello and welcome back to the reincarnated radio podcast. I'm your host, Dave station and once again, I'm bringing you another one of the scariest, creepiest, and most skin crawling tales of terror that the golden age of radio had to offer for this week. We're bringing you one of the most popular and sought after episodes of all of old time radio horror. It's a story about an oil rig and the secrets that lie just below the surface. Today, the cast of joy, morey and myself reincarnate the thing on the formal board from quiet please, which originally aired on August 9, 1948. So turn off the lights gather around and if you get scared, just remember these tales, scared your grandpappy first and enjoy the reincarnated radio podcast.