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welcome to papal working capital. Papal Working capital is a faster and easier way to fund your growing business. It's a new kind of merchant cash advance that allows you to pay it back. When you get paid, pay just one affordable fixed fee. Get funding in minutes on because approval is based on your papal sales history, there is no impact on your credit score with papal working capital. You're not charged any interest. Instead, you pay one affordable fixed fee. You know, in advance the late fees. No early repayment fees, no hidden fees. Full stop. You pay back the cash advance in a fixed fee by choosing the percentage of your papal sales you'd like to pay. Applying for papal working capital takes just minutes. You, Logan, to pay power. You confirm your information so papal can determine your eligibility on def approved. Show you your offer. You then choose the amount of your cash. Advance your maximum cash advance amount Depends on your sales going through PayPal. You choose the percentage of your papal sales you'd like to repay, review and agree to the terms and conditions. Upon acceptance, your cash advances securely transferred into your PayPal account automatically. Just continue to process your sails through. PayPal is you have bean until your cash advance and fi are paid in full on. Always maintain a papal balance greater than what you owe that day, and that's it. Building your business has never been easier.