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Short sample from a religion oriented audiobook.

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My dear friend notice that Jesus calls you his apostle, He is asking you to serve him. Do not make the mistake of thinking that he is talking to someone else. He is talking to you. There is work for you in the kingdom You have suffered. It is true. We all suffered during our time on earth. But Jesus can heal any wounds you are trying to heal yourself. You're trying to make yourself feel better. But you cannot do this alone. And the healing you are offering your body and soul is making you sicker. I have the true healing. The true peace. I am Barnabas and I want to help you too. It can be difficult to make a decision to step away from your addictions. I understand the enemy convinces you that you need these things to be happy. And yet you are not happy. Be honest with yourself for a moment and hear me, you are not at peace. If you're attached to something so much that you need it unless it is God. I am referring generally to things that you are putting in your body. But any habit can become destructive if it takes you from your duties or separates you from purity and holiness. Some of these things are fine in moderation perhaps, but in excess it begin to take over these things. These addictions. Once they hold you do not let you go until you make a firm decision to stop completely. Only then can heaven remove their power over you and free your soul, My friend. You object in your heart. You hold this addiction close to you and would like me to be wrong. This alone tells you that there is a problem. I am not wrong. I am looking from a heavenly perspective, and I assure you I am correct when I tell you that jesus wants to free you.