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A handful of narration samples.

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Even though Mercury is much closer to the sun, Venus is actually the hottest planet in our solar system. How did this happen? Because mercury doesn't have an atmosphere, which makes it unable to absorb heat. So while it gets hot during the day a whopping 425 degrees Celsius at night, the temperatures could drop toe 180 degrees below freezing. When most people visit Japan, they see Tokyo, and that's it. But there are plenty of spots that you have to see, like Kyoto. Located in the center of the island, Kyoto features the best of old Japan, with ancient temples, heavenly gardens and a natural landscape that will take your breath away. Pro wrestling is not about violence. It's about storytelling. When you watch a season of pro wrestling, you meet a diapers cast of characters, some good, some bad, some in the middle, all of them trying to settle a long held beat. The matches themselves are merely the culmination of this larger drama, and that's what makes it so riveting to most people. Robin Williams was an irreverent, funny man, but behind all the impersonations, he was a deeply caring individual, just look at his charity work. He helped found Comic Relief, a nonprofit which helped America's homeless, he said on the board of the Christopher Reeve Foundation and was a tireless supporter of our troops touring the Middle East with the USO almost every year.