Commercial 2010

Television Ad


Fun loving guy next door who is your pal. I can be very hard sell or very soft. I take direction very well and am local to NYC.

Vocal Characteristics




North American (General)


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attention. Pet owners announcing a major advancement in pet feeding Does your dog's water wind up all over the floor? Is your cats feeding area a mass? No matter how many times you clean it, don't blame your pet. Blame your bowl. Introducing Niedere Vitre, the award winning new feeding system for cats and dogs. If I went Minnesota Millionaire raffle, I'm gonna build a house. Big house, a little city? No, maybe out in a country that and it would have a pool. Yeah, Listen, I'll bring the wine. Okay, I guess it's a date. I'll see you on Tuesday. If you're suffering from back pain, you don't need another opinion. Get the straight backs with the new McClaren Spine program. You'll get a team of specialists working together systematically to identify and ease your pain with the R 16. Versatility controlled and portability come together in one recorder, letting you produced professional results. Everywhere you go, zoom are 16 1 recorder with everything to go