Australian & International English Professional Voiceover Demo 2022

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2022 Voiceover demo with samples and expertise across various industries.

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Hey, I'm David Ross, and this is my latest demo this spring. Ladbroke's is changing the way you multi, and with our new features, giving you more chances to win. Choose a split leg and divide your steak evenly across each runner, because when the power is in your hands, the choices easy. Ladbrokes. Back yourself in one of the noisiest places on earth. Can the greatest minds in architecture and sound get this mega structure pitch perfect? Mega structures World's greatest concert hall. Next on National Geographic, the controversial film that has the world talking. The stunning conclusion. Leaving Neverland tonight on 10 Peach Help your patients break free from the constant calculation of avoiding the next embarrassing moment today. Bet Mega elevate O A B Control Queensland Symphony Orchestra presents a musical theatre gala Saturday, May 15. An epic lineup of hits from Wicked Limits, Rob The Phantom of the Opera and More VR gives Westpac a new opportunity to deliver exceptional service that will delight our customers. Let's take a sneak peek into the life of the Bilson family. Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, the show will commence in five minutes. Please welcome to the stage with us here from Japan. The chief operating officer for Nissan Motor Company