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Chapter One of \" The Immutable God \" By Dr. Darrell Brooks

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the immutable God Chapter One. Abraham patiently endured Hebrews six and 13 instructs for when God made promises to Abraham because he could swear by no one greater. He swore by himself saying? Surely, blessing. I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply you. So after he patiently endured, he obtained the promise for men. Indeed, swear by the greater. And an oath for confirmation is for them an end of all disputes. Thus, God determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise. The mutability of his counsel confirmed it by an oath That by two immutable things, which it is impossible for God to lie. We might have strong consolation who have fled for refuge to lay hold. The hope set before us When no one else could fix it or change it because no one else was qualified to make a promise like that. God says he will swear by his own name when you need something done in your life. No one else can do it. But God God told Abraham he would give him a promise And he could swear by No one else's name. Because if he swore by man, man would fail. But if he swore by himself, he knew that he would do just what he said. However, the question remains, Can you believe that I am who I said? I am and that I will do what I said, I will do. God will not fail. If God said, he will increase you bless and multiply. You look for it. But many can't see the miracle or healing through the problems in front of them. Trying to look for the increase and the blessing and then you want it now. But are you prepared for it? But God will not fail after Abraham patiently endured, not waited. He then obtained the promise. Abraham had to go through something to endure. Means that there is something you have to face, overcome, conquer or simply outlast and hold out to the end Abraham endured. So you want a great outpour. But can you believe that God will not fail? We have to wait patiently and endure all things. Hold fast and believe all things, trust all things and then strive toward them all, believing that Jesus won't fail. Is God to you what you believe? Or are we just here to lift up holy hands? Or do we really take him at his word. The 15th verse of the 6th chapter of Hebrews said that he Abraham had patiently endured. Then he obtained that which was promised. After he patiently endured. The word patiently tells us how we must go through. Abraham did not murmur, complain fuss or fight God. He did not question why the promise had not happened yet too often. We will ask God why when we ourselves have not put time in or have stepped out on faith even before Sara believed the promise she could not wait patiently. So she submitted. Haggai to Abraham to conceive a son for her. Sarah was tired of waiting or felt that she had to help the promise along. God did not tell Sarah to step out on faith. He told Abraham to step out on faith. We must prepare for the promise by waiting in a position of receiving it by faith. Here's a question for you. Who's promise? Are you waiting on yours or someone else's when we wanted to have a child? And it was told that it was impossible except through adoption. Then we held onto the promise and begin to plan for it By getting evidence, according to hebrews 11 and one begin to buy everything that we needed and had even given a name for the unborn chow. We walked by faith for three years carrying around empty car seats, buying bottles and diapers, everything that we need for a new arrival that we believe would come at any given moment. And we wanted to be prepared for our promise. At the end of the 3rd year, we found out that we were having a baby. three months later, we gave birth to a baby call Faith. This is how Abraham had to hold on to the promises of God. And this is how you must hold onto the things that God has promised you too often. We will settle for the thing that is present and forget about that which has been promised Sarah settled on Hagar and Abraham almost settled on Ishmael because they represented the things that were visible, expect and believe beyond the things that you see. Abraham patiently waited on the promise. Because the promise was a sure thing. Every promise from God is a sure thing, for it will surely come to pass. Abraham still had to endure patiently. Even when he stepped out of position for fear of his own life, The promise still came because he staggered not at the promise. Look to Genesis the 20th chapter. When you step out on faith, you have to step out all the way. You can't step out on faith for me and I can't step out of faith for you. You have to believe God for yourself. Everyone has to have faith that God will do just what he said, he would do. If you want an outpour of God's spirit, let your faith get to the position of receiving. Is your faith in a receiving stage? Can you look for an outpour and receive it by faith before it comes? Or are you just looking and waiting for a touch? Men swear by their own oaths. But God says that he is greater than man's promises. Because man's contracts and treaties can be broken. A man's word is only as strong as he is. But if he makes an oath with someone who is not that strong deals and contracts can be broken and messed up at times. God does not deal with contracts. He deals with covenants. God is willing to show even more abundantly to the heirs of promise, which are those who believed in the immutable promises of God that his counsel is immutable. He did not consult with anyone else. He did not even ask you if it was all right to bless you. It was the immune ability of his own counsel that God makes this oath. God consults with himself about the blessing of his people by two immutable things, God's son and his spirit. It is impossible for God to lie. He made an oath to himself, counseled within himself and thus it was impossible for God to lie or not accomplish what he promised. The promise is waiting on us. It is set before us. Whatever you are looking for, it is set before you. God has something greater than what we have seen, heard and felt.