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not all heroes are human. Sometimes heroes bark Miao or even grunt. We're about to meet some real life animal heroes. Each one of these heroes has performed an amazing rescue. The dead is meant to move smoothly from the land of the living to their proper place among the spirits. If this transition is wrong, the spirit is stranded. Neither one thing nor the other ghosts having the benefit of hindsight and experience may also give guidance to the living. The koala is perhaps the best loved of all. Australia's marsupial or pouched mammals, extra thick for especially on the neck and shoulders, helps protect the Kuala from even the worst weather. The Yellow River is China's most important river in the north. The soil along much of the river is yellow in color, and that's what gives the river its name. As we cruise down the Yellow River, look closely at the mulberry leaves that grow along the banks. He may find them covered with silk worms. Their cocoons air spun into shiny threads, which will be woven into beautiful cloth called silk. See that tough, woody looking grass that's bamboo bamboo forests have been cut down in the past to make room for houses. But now China is working to protect the bamboo, which is essential to the diet of panda bears.