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D.C. Douglas is a national voice over talent whose voice range can go from bombastic announcer to comical character to natural, believable reads. This has led to his voice being used in hundreds of commercials, cartoons, video games and more.

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It seems I may have underestimated you chris. Save it Wesker. I don't need anyone else or a Boris. There is no individual. We are gathered in. My name is legion for we are many christian bible. The Gospel of Mark. Chapter five verse nine. We acknowledge this is an appropriate metaphor. We are legion. A terminal of the gas named Burton Burton Briggs. But I think I go by Bert. Let's try it out. Call me Bert Bert. No, that's not right. Gibbons, Simon, Gibbons. But you can call me mr Gibbons or Simon or whatever you like. Just don't call me late for dinner before the might of garner. I'll be the architect of your undoing. We've lost track of it, sir. The situation has made it quite difficult for us. However, I think we have a chance to salvage the situation if we can pick up its trail on the other side. Orders first. Then the main dish. Right, grim reaper. Drop the attitude. You mediocre peasant of a cut above all other humans. Right to internet roadblocks. I am embarrassed. I launched a suicide attack. And yet, here I am still alive. I must look very silly. Shepard Commander. I must go to them. Um I'm sorry. It's the only way