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Came up with this script rather quickly... It's supposed to be a dialogue between two freinds(although it's only one speaking) and they're talking about videogames and homework.
I was way to close to the mic by mistake btw.

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there's just way too much homework for today. I mean, how much do we have? Do we have like two of bio? Two of chemistry do we have actually three of maths. Oh my God. Well, at least I can do the math homework pretty quickly because you know me, I I'm almost a mathematician right now. But honestly I can't wait to get home and just finish all my homework because I want to play for a night or something, you know, with you, my best friend. Oh, so you want to play for rent? All right then. Hopefully you don't think. Yeah, like always. I mean you're the master of throwing games with her like seriously? 12 in the last match. I mean, come on. Oh by the way, her right leg, you know the right click of a rolls? The short branch one wasn't a pretty severely. I mean now it doesn't resent right Riot. What do you make these decisions? Well, whatever I should be on lane like in three hours, four hours or maybe you know when I get home and finish all my homework? Yeah, yeah, sure. Why not? Hope you get served to him. So see you in four hours maybe. Oh, bye bye.