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Long time voice artist seeking first professional V/O job.

Voice Over • Video Narration


I've spent most of my life lending my voice to various things from public speaking, education, performances, and narration. During the pandemic, I decided to shift careers and take my voice acting career to the next level. I currently work in the entertainment industry as a professional host.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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Let's start with step number one at this step we are simply assembling or simply putting our pieces into the shape of the battering for this step. You're going to need 51 by eight plates and 21 by four plates. So look in your boxes, make sure you have those pieces. And what you're gonna do is again, make the basic shape of the battering, it's not gonna stay together, so don't be upset if it shifts or if it moves. And also the other thing is make sure you're looking at the color to the color is not important. So if you have black or gray or even dark, dark blue pieces, that's fine. But if you don't and you have different colors, that's fine too. We are making something really cool for batman and batman didn't specify colors in this, so be patient. But once you have that step and you put them in the basic shape, you can move on to step number two, where we're taking another one by eight base plate and we're gonna place it in the middle. Now look at the model and also look at what I'm doing on the screen and just make sure that your base plates when they connect, you can pick up the pieces because again it doesn't have to be perfect but make sure when they connect they match up with the model, meaning on the bottom of your middle base plate, there should be 1, 2, 3, 4 um a space for a two by two to stick on. And also at the top there should be a space big enough for two by two to stick on, then you're gonna pick up your one by fours and I do this separately because it's easier. But you're gonna put those towards the end, you're gonna leave enough space In between for a one by something piece to stick between the one x 4 and the one x 8 that's going long. But take a look, I'm putting those on and again, it takes a minute because we're having to pick up the pieces of our of our pattern. But if you follow each step, you should be okay. And there Continuing with step two. After we've completed this step, we have two more one by fours to put on two more one by four plate. So we're gonna put those on the very end. That's going to give us that nice batman like wingspan on our batarangs. Once we attach those, We are complete with step # two. Step # three consists of 4, 1 x four tech plates And 2, 1 x six tech plates. So double check your boxes, make sure you have those pieces again, color does not matter. But lay those very close to you to prepare for step # three. One thing, I might recommend that this step is if you have colors that somewhat match. So let's say you have a black and a gray. Um you have two black and two gray, one by fours. Just make sure that you create a pattern out of them. Whatever you make it symmetrical, so whatever you do to one side, do it to the other side. But once you do that, if you're able to do that, Go ahead and attach your one x 6 plates first And use your one x 4 tech plates as a guide to connect your one x 4 tech breaks. So as you see, I attached my one x 6 Plates. I am now attaching my one x 4 plates. And on the very last one x 4 you connect there should be a space somewhat in the middle. That's kind of it's free of a lego piece. Or if we have a place to connect a lego, that's fine. Just make sure that they are your 21 by fours are lined up And that's step number three, you're done simple. Right now, we prepare for step number four. The very last step to this project, You're gonna need 3, 1 x two tech bricks with the axle hole in the middle or the plus sign. You're going to need three. Number three axles which are the next to the smallest axles and sometimes they can either be black or gray. And you're gonna need to Number two axles which will anger box, maybe black or red last but not least. You're gonna need to axel connectors. They're the things that look like tiny hammers and those can come in a variety of colors, but for mine I'm using gray just to kind of have some matching and some symmetry as I build the next step. Once I have those pieces laid out, I'm going to pick up my number, my one by two axle and my number my one by two axle pin Tech brick and my number two axle. And I'm going to connect those together and then where my axle sticks out, I'm going to put a tech connector and then a number three axle. So once I've done that, finish with that step, I can move on to the next one and I'm I'm going to do this as a mirror image. Whatever I do, the one side I do to the other, we call that symmetry. So repeat the same steps but in the opposite fashion. So one side has an ear to the left and one side has an ear to the right. Once I'm done with that, I'm gonna take my 3rd 1 my third one by two uh Tech brick with axle hole. And I'm gonna put my last number three axle there. So it sticks out. Now I get to connect my bad ears and my bat tail. So first I'm connecting the bad ears to the uh to the tech plate that I put on in step number two, I'm gonna put those at the top and then the bat tail goes at the very bottom and check it out. Now I'm done and you should be done with the battering. Check it out. You are now batman's armor and you have a nice, sturdy looking, pretty awesome looking battering. So pat yourselves on the back. You did a great job.