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one of America's best known scholars was anthropologist Margaret Mead. Her fame from the 19 thirties to the 19 seventies was due to the popularity of her books following the publication of her first book, Coming of Age in Samoa. Meat could have chosen to abandon fieldwork and live comfortably as a professor, but she had bigger plans. Welcome to the Lake House Paul and Resource Guest Services menu. If you would prefer to speak to the guest services desk directly, please press star at any point during this message to confirm a spa treatments scheduled to take place in the next 48 hours. Please press one. If you would like to add a new luxury treatment to your spa schedule, Press two. Bobby kept his eyes ahead and tried not to laugh as Michael furiously rubbed at his mouth and spat. I Hey, cobwebs Michael Hiss Defensively, you didn't tell me there would be cobwebs down here. It's a cellar, replied Bobby. And besides, it's the last set of doors we have to check. Ah, those Lisi Summers driving with the top down, the warm weather and those classic tunes blaring on the radio. You could say the KR CFM was the soundtrack of my teenage years. The first time I heard that Beatle song everything changed from the opening drum roll to those beautiful again and I was hooked. I I'm Dipper K and thank you for listening.