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Male voice in this clip. In this YouTube series with well-known millennial publication \"The And,\" I am asked questions on the spot about my dating life and preferences and exchange a conversation with a female blind date.

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um and I've been struggling with trying to reveal up two people ever since. I see. Okay, Yeah, it's nothing like it is not the end of the world. It's basically, like, got to do it like depression. Got, uh and that's something that not a lot of people are comfortable talking about. Yeah, no, I totally understand. I wasn't even at like, I know what I was gonna say was, I can't, um I can't say how you feel, because I haven't been in that situation, but I think on the converse I choose to bottle it up because I'm afraid of what the person would think. And that also comes to my detriment. Because you could only hold things in so long before you it. You know, you need a little help in some other area, right? Like when that had happened to me, I was at an age where it was something that no one wanted to deal with. And it was something that well, he was like, Oh, I've got all these other options. Like, why would I want to deal with this? Even though we were together for a very long time? What would your last partner warned me about you. She would tell you that I definitely, um I need a lot of time alone. In fact, I think it's advantageous. Like to spend time away from the other person to, um, like you re integrate like your energy into your own life and continue building your identity rather than if you're together all the time. Then it becomes like there's there's nothing that's like there's nothing new organic that's growing in there. I mean, I think a lot of people end up getting bored of each other, and that's when, like, you see, like, a lot of like, older relationships where you can see some people that are clearly still in love with each other. And then you see some people that are definitely just together just to be together or just because they're scared of being lonely and like I I'm very scared of ending up like that. I don't want to feel like I'm being with someone just because I'm scared of being lonely. But being lonely is also very scary. Yeah, what are you scared of in a relationship? The again, the, um, either co dependency or one person really depending on the other, where it becomes invasive, you know, towards the other person's goals. Or, like, kind of just suffocates them. Another thing would be just how you keep things new and fresh As time goes on, If I ever want to get married or being a long term relationship, it's something I need to address. Yeah. If we were in a relationship, what do you see yourself doing that would end it. Oh, God. Um, I get really indecisive on plans that seem to be forever plans forever. Things really freak me out. You think that gives me a lot of anxiety? Yes, I It's just like I struggle between having plans, like trying to plan my life, But then being really scared that I'm gonna be stuck in that sort of situation forever. Um, so, yeah, if we were in a relationship, how often would you like us to have sex 60 times? You just won't let it go. I mean, I probably say, like, 2 to 3 times per week. That's probably my like, uh, surprisingly, not a lot. Yeah. I mean, from like, I I don't know. I don't want to make it a tour or it's like not, you know, I want to go into it like wholeheartedly. And like, when you really feel any other person wants and you do it and it may be one week, you don't do it. All right, Next to you do it five times from experience. I think for me, I usually feel comfortable around there. How about you? It depends on how many times I see them. I really say 4 to 5. Good for you. Yeah. What would our second date be like? Do you like, um, adventurous? We'll leave it at that thing down. Sounds good to me. Yeah, Okay. Put some pressure on me for planning, but yeah. Do you feel chemistry between us? I mean, I'd say no, but not in a, uh, um, just things. Actually, I really like about you, but I did not see from the profile like that. Really? The main thing is, you're really smart. You're very, very thoughtful through the answers to your questions. I'm just ****. Like I wish I thought of that. But in a relationship, I or even just like general casual dating, um, maybe I Maybe I feel more comfortable with being with somebody who's a little bit more not submissive. But I'm a man. It's so hard to explain. No, it makes sense but that But do you get what I'm saying when I say Like, that's been a pattern for me where I feel like people aren't used to me being so open like that. Like, that's why people, I felt like people have shied away from me and I don't know how to get out of that. Well, you have a very fiery, like, sharp, distinct personality. So it's it's gonna take someone really special to be able to handle you. And I don't mean that in like like Oh, you know, she's never gonna find anybody. No, it's just that, like, it's gonna someone's gonna have to rise to that challenge. But someone's going to enjoy meeting that challenge to yeah, interesting, because I feel like I've definitely like, not dumb myself down. But I've definitely dampened my personality quite a bit and like that has become easier for a lot of people to handle. But then again, I always say, you know, if you only have fast yourself, then you're only gonna meet someone else is gonna have fast yourself to your true you are, the hard it may be, But I feel like you're also gonna meet someone who's more, um, true to themselves to. So, yeah, that type of chemistry you would have with somebody who was on that level can like windows themselves that well, it be like I'm thinking of, like, a volcano. E don't sound so cheesy. But just, like, really, they're like, Yeah, like, I like you like that. Even though we're like, we're different. And you can feel comfortable fully expressing your yourself to them, even if maybe they don't even fully understand everything. But at least you won't have a fear that this person's gonna judge you and not be like, Well, that's too much. Yeah. So yet to meet someone like that. So I guess we'll see. Yeah,