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Board directors are usually juggling many competing priorities at once, but this year, directors at companies all over the world reported one mission critical priority to guide them through next year. It's all about digital. Two thirds of board directors say digital technology initiatives will be their most strategic business priority over the next two years and even more of them agree that the COVID-19 crisis has made these digital technology initiatives that much more important to their business. In fact, seven out of 10 directors say their organization has actually accelerated their digital business initiatives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic And 65% believe digital technology will lead to substantial or complete industry transformation. By 2026, gardener surveys board directors every year, but in asking about their priorities for 2021, the theme was clear. Digital is most important. Board directors plan to accelerate initiatives and they expect significant transformation. Think of insights like these as an early warning system. Use them to rerun your scenarios and validate or challenge your strategy.