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Oh, my goodness, that was Suzie Johnson. She looks gorgeous. She joined the Body Fitness Club and lost £95. I can't even lose £10 If it's paradise you're looking for. Look no further schedule your true implication to the Caribbean. Crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches and mouthwatering island cuisine. We never have credit problems anymore because we play hide and seek with our credit cards. I had the cards on. By the time I find them. I remember that what I really want is financial security. Cool, smooth, sweet ERT. That's the way I like it. My ice cream that ISS There is nothing more important than your health. So why chose anyone but the best in healthcare? 80 plus healthcare is accepted by more physicians than any other insurance plan. Your babies are growing so fast, isn't it? Time to capture them at this moment, reported from member makers will last a lifetime high. I'm Diane Mullings. Thank you for listening