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Let us first understand the four main components in the power system network. In their purpose in the network, the first component transformers are used to reduce or increase the voltage of an alternating current. The second component switch gears are used to break isolate and connect the electrical circuits. The third overhead line components are generally part of a power or national grid and used to transmit and distribute electrical power which is policed above ground and in the open air. The final component cables and accessories are a combination of components usually buried underground and used to transmit and distribute electricity across the area to consumers. We will discuss each of them in this module. The definition of a power transformer as stated in IEC 60,076. Part one is a static piece of apparatus with two or more winding is which by electromagnetic induction transforms a system of alternating voltage and current into another system of voltage and current usually of different values. And at the same frequency for the purpose of transmitting electrical power.