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**** Terhune. You are not a star athlete. You are not a Fortune 500 CEO. And aside from a few vacation videos, you are not a movie star. Would you like people to think that you are? Then you only need to go to get Ron Cadillac in Yonkers. Now, Now, now, Now, now, now, now, now we'll get your heart pumping your heart pounding your heart Race X The difference between buying a car on the lot and buying a car online at heart accurate In Wappingers Falls, there is no different. You can drive a Westchester BMW today and don't give me any lame excuses. Why not? Like who? I couldn't afford that. Have you been to Westchester BMW certified pre owned center? You'll see over 100 meticulously certified pre owned Westchester BMWs that you can afford. Did the Danbury Volkswagen Passat really need an extreme makeover? Hardly. But driving the result will make you go. Wow,