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**** Terhune. They called her the Ship of Dreams, the largest moving object in the world. Near 1000 feet in length. Huge beyond past endeavor Strong beyond mortal strength sale on great ship Titanic Across the open sea fortunes, winds sing got speak to the story is one you've heard before. A poor girl from a dusty country town rises to fame and prominence through her turbulent climb. She would be called many things tramp and feminist, tyrant and ST to the people of Argentina, she was called Evita. There are two sides to teach us good and evil. One man dared to separate. To think is this story. This is the moment for Jekyll and Hyde on our way to the gig that would have made them the biggest do up stars of the fifties. The four Platt's ran into an unfortunate career. While most would take this as the end for the lads, it was only the beginning. In the world of Dr Seuss, anything is possible. An elephant in a tree, a person too tiny to see a heroic child and dreams running wild. Now the world of Dr Seuss springs to life in Seussical, the musical leaping lizards. She's back the irrepressible, eternally 11 year old redhead with a big voice. Ah, heart of gold and a dog named Sandy. When the one person you love could be your greatest enemy, Who can you believe it? Join us for a glorious telling of one of literature's greatest adventures and learn the answer. The Scarlet Pimpernel.