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The Longest Ride, Nicholas Sparks.

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Recorded as a demo for this website in a single take using a Blue Yeti Nano and audacity.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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as they strolled through the pumpkin patch towards the maze, luke continued to hold her hand somehow. This simple gesture felt more significant than their earlier kisses. More permanent. Somehow. You could imagine holding it years into the future whenever they were walking together and the realization startled him. What are you thinking about? He walked a few paces before answering a lot of things. He finally said. Anyone ever tell you you have the tendency to be vague. Does it bother you? He countered. I haven't decided yet, she said, squeezing his hand. I'll let you know the maze is right over there, he pointed. But I want to show you the Pumpkin Patch 1st. Can I pick one? Sure. Will you help me carve it for Halloween. We can carve it after dinner And just so you know, I'm kind of an expert. Oh yeah, I've already carved 15 or 20 this week, scary ones, happy ones, all kinds. She gave him an appraising look. You're obviously a man of many talents. He knew she was cheating him, but he liked it. Thanks. I can't wait to meet your mom. You like her. What's she like? Let's just say you shouldn't expect a lady in a flowered dress and pearls. Think more jeans and boots with straw in her hair. Sophia smiled. Got it. Anything else? I should know. My mom would have been a great pioneer when something has to be done. She just does it. And she expects the same from me. He's kind of no nonsense. She's tough. I would think so. Not an easy life out here. I mean, she's really tough, ignores pain, never complains, doesn't whine or cry. Three years ago she broke her wrist falling off a horse. So what'd she do? She said nothing. Work the rest of the day, cook dinner, and then afterwards she drove herself to the hospital. I didn't know a thing about it until I noticed her cast. The next day. Sophia stepped over some wayward vines, careful not to damage any of the pumpkins, remind me of being on my best manners.